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SESP symposium accepted!

SESP symposium accepted!

Our symposium was selected for inclusion in the 2015 SESP conference in Denver, Colorado. The symposium is titled “Emotion Experience and Expression In Situ: The Who, When, Where, and How of Social Outcomes of Emotion” and unites researchers who are interested in understanding how context guides emotion processes.


Symposium details

Chair: Katie Greenaway

Co-chairs: Elise Kalokerinos & Jessica Salerno

Abstract: It is well known that emotions have important effects on behavior. Yet, the literature that documents these effects tends to do so in context-less vacuums rather than in situ, where emotions are actually experienced and expressed. This symposium showcases emerging research demonstrating that social context fundamentally shapes the way people perceive emotions, and the social outcomes of those perceptions. We explore the who, when, where, and how of context in moderating the social effects of emotion. Russell presents evidence that the emotion perceived in a face changes depending on where it is perceived (i.e., the contextual background against which is it evaluated). Greenaway demonstrates that positive emotion expressions attract social penalties when displayed in negative (vs. positive) contexts. Salerno demonstrates that the social effectiveness of expressing negative emotion in group decision-making depends on who expresses it. Tamir explores how the behavioral utility of emotion changes depending on context, revealing that how people choose to experience emotion influences their ability to achieve social goals. The talks reveal that the social effects of emotion experience and expression are not fixed, but are highly malleable, shaped and changed by social context, with diverse social consequences for social relationships, self-regulation, negotiations, and group decision-making.



James Russell: Context in the Perception of Emotion from Facial Expression

Katie Greenaway & Elise Kalokerinos: Context Shapes Social Judgments of Emotion Expression and Suppression

Jessica Salerno: Emotion Expression Creates Race and Gender Gaps in Minority Influence during Group Decision Making

Maya Tamir: The Emotional Placebo Effect