Symposium at SASP

Symposium at SASP

Symposium at SASP

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I’m heading to the Society for Australasian Social Psychologists to chair a symposium on “Regulating emotion and motivation to achieve personal and social goals.” I’m really excited about our line up of speakers, including Elise Kalokerinos, Stephanie Tobin, and Lisa Williams. Here’s the symposium abstract and talk titles:


The ability to self-regulate in order to achieve important goals is a skill critical to the successful functioning of individuals and societies. This symposium features research that explores antecedents and consequences of this self-regulation process, focusing on the regulation of emotion and motivation to achieve personal and social goals. On the personal side, Greenaway and Tobin explore internal and external factors that impact individual self-regulation efforts. On the social side, Kalokerinos and Williams discuss the consequences of emotion regulation for social perception and prosocial behaviour. Together, the talks highlight push-and-pull challenges of self-regulation as people attempt to avoid temptation, resist social influence, craft impressions, and act altruistically to achieve important goals in life.


Katharine Greenaway – Bodily awareness improves self-regulation but renders people vulnerable to depletion

Stephanie Tobin – The effect of other people’s goal attainment on observers’ reward state and motivation

Elise Kalokerinos – Emotion regulation and personality perception

Lisa Williams – Proud to be a donor: pride uniquely predicts re-donation intention and behaviour

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