SPSP symposium accepted!

SPSP symposium accepted!

SPSP symposium accepted!

I’m delighted that our symposium was selected for inclusion in the 2015 SPSP conference in Long Beach, California. The symposium is titled “The positive cost: Personal and social costs to experiencing and expressing positive emotion” and brings together a range of excellent research showing that positive emotions can have some unforeseen costs.

Symposium details:

Saturday February 28 2015, 2pm (room 102ABC)

Chaired by Katie Greenaway

Positive emotions often have positive effects, but are they always beneficial? This symposium showcases emerging research on personal and social costs of positive emotion. We consider how experiencing and expressing positive emotion can undermine relationships, harm reputations, interrupt goal pursuit, and promote risky behavior.


Jessica Tracy: The Power of Pride: The Positive Emotion that Drives Rank Attainment, but Can also Inhibit Behavioral Change

Michelle Shiota: No Reward Without Risk: Appetitive Enthusiasm Involves Physiological Threat and Increased Risk Tolerance

Elise Kalokerinos: Suppress for success: Positive emotion expression after winning comes with social costs

Lisa Williams: Pride after the fall: Group membership moderates perceptions of pride expressers


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